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MCA Syllabi Core XXVIII- MCA12503-Cloud Computing

Unit I
Beyond the Desktop: Introduction to Cloud Computing:Cloud Computing: What It Is-and What It Isn't - From Collaboration to the Cloud: A Short History of Cloud Computing - The Network Is the Computer: How Cloud Computing Works - Companies in the Cloud: Cloud Computing Today - Why Cloud Computing Matters - Are you ready for Computing in the Cloud ?. - The Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing - Who Benefits from Cloud Computing? - Who Shouldn't Be Using Cloud Computing? - Developing Cloud Services: Why Develop Web-Based Applications? - The Pros and Cons of Cloud Service Development - Types of Cloud Service Development - Discovering Cloud Services Development Services and Tools.
Unit II
Cloud Computing for the family: Centralizing Email Communications - Collaborating on Schedules,Grocery Lists,To-Do Lists,Household Budgets,Contact Lists,School Projects - Sharing Family Photos - Cloud Computing for the Community: Communicating Across the Community - Collaborating on Schedules - Collaborating on Group Projects and Events - Cloud Computing for the Corporation: Managing Schedules,Contact Lists,Projects - Collaborating on Reports, Marketing Materials, Expense Reports,Budgets,Financial Statements,Presentations.
Unit III
Collaborating on Calenders,Schedulers and Task Management: Exploring Online Calendar Applications,Scheduling Applications,Planning and Task Management - Collaborating on Event Management:Understanding Event Management Applications - Exploring Event Management Applications - Collaborating on Content Management:Understanding Contact Management and CRM - Exploring Contact Management and CRM Applications.
Unit IV
Collaborating on Project Management:Understanding Project Management - Exploring Project Management Applications - Collaborating on Word Processing: How Web-Based Word Processing Works - Exploring Web-Based Word Processors - Collaborating on Spreadsheets: How Web-Based Spreadsheets Work - Exploring Web-Based Spreadsheets - Collaborating on Databases:Understanding Database Management - Exploring Web-Based Databases - Collaborating on Presentations:Preparing Presentations Online - Evaluating Web-Based Presentation Applications.
Unit V
Storing and Sharing Files and other online contents:Understanding Cloud Storage - Evaluating Online File-Storage and Sharing Services - Exploring Online Bookmarking Services - Sharing Digital Photographs: Exploring Online Photo- Editing Applications - Exploring Photo-Sharing Communities - Controlling it all with web based Desktops:Understanding Web-Based Desktops - Evaluating Web-Based Desktops - Collaborating via web based Communication Tools: Evaluating Web Mail Services - Evaluating Instant Messaging Services - Evaluating Web Conferencing Tools.
Text Book(s)
1.Cloud Computing :Web Based Applications that change the way you work and collaborate online, Michael Miller, ISBN: 9788131725337,Pearson Education,2009.
1. Cloud Application Architectures, George Reese, ISBN: 8184047142,Shroff/O' Reilly, 2009.